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Handmade Coffee Mug

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Handmade Coffe Mug made by Le Ciel. 

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Le Ciel is a small sustainable brand in Austria Vienna. They produce handmade ceramics that look a little different than the traditional ones.

The idea behind Le Ciel is not to drive the consumer to buy, but rather to see the special, beautiful, funny, funky, imperfect and individuality in our pieces. Julia produces all pieces on her own with a lot of love, patience and passion.

They love and live sustainability and buy their clay in Austria and produce in Austria - only the amount they need.

Le Ciel, the sky, symbolizes a new beginning and new opportunities. The sky shows us every day that with every second, minute, hour and day we have a new opportunity to "reset". The change in the sky - through clouds, thunderstorms, snow, sunshine, rain and rainbows - shows us the versatility of life, if we allow ourselves to read between the lines.



"Le Ciel Ceramics" are made from the highest quality stoneware, therefore they are dishwasher and microwave safe. However, for your ceramics to have a longer lifetime, we personally recommend only handwash, so the glaze & colors remain the same.

Each „Le Ciel“ piece is uniquely handcrafted, handmade, and designed by us in Austria and may have slight variations or imperfections and sizing is approximated and may differ slightly. 

keep in mind that they are handmade and every pice looks a bit different <3