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Snack Plate

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The Snack Plate by ONE OF A KIND ist the perfect must have for your next Dinnerparty. It is not only aesthetic but also versatile. You can use it to serve your snacks and favorite spreads, to give your daily jewelry the perfect place or as a decoration. 

ONE OF A KIND is a ceramics brand by Viennese artist and photographer Carola Pojer. Every piece is carefully handmade from stoneware clay, either thrown on the wheel or formed by hand. There are no collections but “Kapitel” - each design symbolizes a certain chapter in Carolas life. ONE OF A KIND is dedicated to good conversations, art and the uniqueness of each and everyone.

Kapitel 8 – The Snack Plate / dedicated to hospitality, inspired by Austrian “Brettljausn” and my childhood lunchboxes

Keep in mind that each piece is handmade and therefore there are small deviations in shape and size. But each Snackplate unique. :) 

There are only a limited number available.